7 Ways To Say 'I Love You" To Your Dog In Their Language

7 Ways To Say 'I Love You" To Your Dog In Their Language

7 Ways To Say 'I Love You" To Your Dog In Their Language

There are many ways you show your pet your love–by feeding them delicious, healthy food, by giving them gifts, by bathing them, by taking them to the vet, by petting and grooming them, by spending special time with them, by telling them and more; however, there are only a few ways for you to say “I love you” to your pet that they truly understand. In fact, some of your daily activities with your dogs turn out to be love language to them without even you recognizing it.

So how to express your love to your four-legged buddies? Try these 7 signs for affection to get your dogs’ hearts in their language.

1. Talk To Them (In The Right Way)

Let’s be honest. When nobody is around, more than once you use your squeaky voice to “annoy” your dogs while touching their face or rubbing their belly. Luckily, those combinations of high-pitched voices and intimate acts are proved the right way to help your dog understand your love immediately.

That’s why whenever you say things they love like “do you want to go to the park?” or “who wants a car ride?” your dogs will show you their reaction immediately. That’s because they understand that you spend more time with them or giving them the attention that they are always looking for.

2. Walk Together

This might seem so obvious since it’s you guys’ daily or weekly activity. But through shared experience and adventures the bond between you and your dog strengthens more than ever.

Rather than take your daily walk alone, going hiking or camping alone, or exploring your city alone, you are at an advantage to take your pet as she will take your decision to include her as a sign that you, too, love her. This is the time you communicate with them more effectively, teach them basic commands such as “come,” “sit,” build trust and partnership between each other.

3. Lean On Each Other

One of the significant signs to know your dog loves you or not is how often he/she leans on you. Once you get their love language, use it.

During waking, walking hours, it might seem like an imposition to have your pet leaning or rubbing against your legs, but by not getting stressed and (more importantly) by leaning back, you create an intimacy and a trust culture that proves to your pet that you love them.

When you guys spend time together, surprise your buddies by leaning against them. They will look at you with weird eyes, but trust us, they are happy to be there for you to lean on.

4. Make Eye Contact (Use Your Eyebrows)

They say the eyes are the windows of the soul, and this is true for animals and humans. We might not be able to speak the same language as our furry friends, but they can read our feelings by the look. Have you ever looked deep into the eyes of someone you love and felt a charge? Well, if so, then what you felt was a zing of oxytocin, a “feel good” chemical that is triggered when we feel strong feelings. As it turns out, if you look into your pet’s eyes, they get those feel good feelings, too, so a little eye contact can go a long way in expressing how you feel to your pet.

According to a study from Science Direct, gazing into your dog and raising your left eyebrow are positive love signs that your dog can interpret immediately.

However, you only stare at your dog or the dog that you know well. With strange dogs, looking straight into their eyes might be taken as an attack sign and lead to unwanted situations of hurting yourself.

5. Massage and Snuggle Together

Just like humans, dogs love physical bonding activities. So why don’t cuddle up! Those actions benefit both sides. You have a relaxed time with your dog after a long day or a stressful week, while your dog has a chance to be closer to you and exchange physical contact.

Massaging your dog proves a good communication tool to express your love as well. However, to massage your dog correctly requires a professional canine masseuse, or else you might end up hurting your dog or even angering him.

Fortunately, rubbing your four-legged baby's ears is the most simple yet effective massage that they enjoy a lot. Taking their ears and massaging it between your finger and thumb, and gently moving towards the tips on both sides. You can go down to their neck where there is a lot of skin and massage across their neck and back.

6. Sleep Next To Each Other

Another form of expression that should be a no-brainer is physical expression. Show your dog you love them by allowing them to nap with you during the day and / or in your bed at night. If you are sure about your dog’s hygiene and your health situation, letting your dog sleep with you is one of the best expressions of love. No matter how much time you spend with your dogs in the daytime, they still want to be near you as much as possible.

A little cuddle, hug, and licking your face are their favorite things to do before falling to sleep. Those will also relax your mind and make your sleeping time more fun and peaceful than ever.

7. Be A Good Listener

When it comes to communication, the most valuable skill anyone of any species can possess is listening. Instead of trying so hard on how to say "I love you" to your dog correctly, listening and focusing on their behaviors is a powerful alternative way to express your love to them. Let them know that you understand what they like, dislike, and how they want things to do in a certain way.

Sometimes your dog tries to say a lot to you through its bark or mumbles. Funny that even you couldn’t figure out what exactly those barks mean, you are still able to understand the general message.

So after certain events, your dog will try to communicate with you verbally or through their actions. Trying to understand those messages to figure out what your dog prefers will help to bond the relationship between you two.

Saying "I Love You" To Your Dog Own Way

The 7 approaches above will surely tighten the bond between you guys, but here’re a few more tips that you can apply to show the love of your dogs to not only them but others as well:

  • Making them feel especially by giving them a personalized food bowl that has their face on it.
  • Wearing a personalized t-shirt featuring your dog(s) whenever you go out with them.
  • Putting a customized flag with your dog picture in your front yard so that everyone can see it.
  • Buying a new accessory for your dogs like a personalized bandana on their birthday or other special occasions.
Dogs just make our mental life better than we ever expect, and you know they are one of the special creatures that love humans unconditionally. So now you guys know how to say "I love you" to your dog in the right way. It’s time for dog owners express the love towards their besties and let them know that they’re worth the love.